​About Us....

How it  began...

Cakes were most likely my FIRST edible love! My grandmother, a great depression penny pinching country living sweetheart, taught all of her children and grandchildren the art of baking from scratch. Over the years I grew to adore baked goods and view them not only as a delicious snack but as tiny forms of art. Things got batter (hehe, get it? "batter") during my college days at Stephen F. Austin State University where I worked at a grocery store as a bagger but always checked out the cake case during my breaks. One day there was a loud THUD, followed by YELLING and I thought to myself, “Oh crap, she’s here…” The bakery managers affair had been exposed and this terrible moment birthed my venture into retail cakes. A ruined wedding cake, icing covered store manager, wife and fired decorator later I was asked….technically begged…to create a wedding cake due the NEXT DAY! I worked all night and made my first 3-tier cake.

I baked for many years as a hobby, and after being laid off in 2010 started working for a local bakery only to decide in 2012 to start my own business.

My long time friend and now husband entered the picture to shake things up with an enormous talent for all things icing, cookies and heavy lifting! We work together as a team to create the delicious desserts you'll find in the gallery.

Sweet Queen Desserts is a Dallas based dessert business aimed at making your life sweeter one treat at a time!

The Sweet Queen
The Icing King
Dessert Dream Team
  ​Owner, baker, designer and dessert lover - Natassia Radford - has always had a special place in her heart for desserts. Around the age 3 she began baking with grandmother and has grown to love the beautiful art form more and more.   
With an eye for the technical stuff this engineer turned bakery owner  contributes his amazing buttercream making, cookie baking and cupcake dressing skills to make this   husband-wife partnership and business possible.  
  ​This family affair wouldn't be possible without the help of team - moms, sisters and dads - who help make vending, deliveries and on occasion baked deliciousness possible!